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The Boardroom Lounge is a lifestyle, a unique neighborhood experience; a collaborative work environment and public lounge. A collective work and dining location meant to be shared among colleagues, their clients and the spontaneous passerby. This space is for our clientele to co-work creatively with others, network, hold events & reconnect throughout their day in a refined upscale lounge work and dining environment. The Lounge is open to the public for dining, wine, coffee, tea and open seating creative co-work space. 

We believe in challenging the status quo with our design concept. We believe in thinking differently here at The Boardroom Lounge. We want to offer our clientele a space they call home away from home. We exist to transport our customer outside the conventional work-space and expected coffee barista into an upscale creative collaborative work lounge where the working professional can unassumingly unwind, socialize and of course Work, Wine and Dine their clients in style. 


Upon entering The Boardroom Lounge will inspire the senses with the array of culinary aroma of gourmet foods, wines from around the world and organic coffees and elegant vignette filled with works of art, fine leather goods, jewelry, private labeled wines and much more! We want our clientele’s senses to have an instant familiarity of comforts from home, with coaches, reclining chairs, dining tables suited for small or large groups, creative work spaces and our signature private Boardroom for the Executives hard at work. Our concierge will welcome each client and aspire to assist them with their workday needs. Our clientele will choose to work privately in their own office or throughout the lounge in any of the creative open work spaces with personalized services including meeting rooms and our state of the art, cutting edge Boardroom. Our clients will enjoy high-speed WiFi, charging stations at each seating and dining area, TV rooms, board game and reading areas, phone booths, and a delectable selection of light food, exclusively selected wines as well as our private blends of coffee from around the world. Come and experience the Boardroom Lounge Work, Wine & Dine™; There’s no place like It! "Benvenuto!"text


Private offices, Shared offices and Creative Open Co-Work memberships available with use of Conference Rooms, Event Rooms, Patio Areas and full Lounge amenities. Memberships include exclusive amenities with our concierge and reception assisting your dialing needs, printer and copy back office, mail & package handling, office supplies, super high speed WiFi, TV and game rooms, phone booths, daily office cleaning, networking event, social private events, various sized conference meeting rooms and the state of the art signature Boardroom.  Walk-In On-Demand Pay-As-You-Go plans are also available for the general public to pop-in when they need. Lounge dining service is available to all memberships and general public for complete dining, small eats, gourmet coffee, exclusively selected wines and desserts. 

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It is that local experience that draws the clientele to The Boardroom Lounge – Work, Wine & Dine™. One of our unique differences and selling points is that we are not a restaurant and we are not an office space; we are a Lounge created for the working professional with a combined dining and social experience. Our clientele will come to our Lounge,  for the unique opportunity to work, connect and share food & wine; those that use this space typically want to experience working in a more collaborative, authentic way. Tapping into this desire perhaps as an extension of the ever so trending co-working space and social wine bars is our creation. This perfect collaborative work and dining experience was strategically designed with efforts to bring creativity, connection and facilitation through a unique experience for the working professional and public, together in one space.

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