Perspective in Constant Motion

I have always had a fond appreciation for words that when used in a certain way can change things. One of those words is Perspective. As I said before my world is in constant motion. And my perspective is continually changing. Sometimes organically and other times with purpose. 

Laura looking out to sea back turned Anacortes.PG

Photography is one of my many passions. When I am out in the field before I click the shutter, I am looking for the perspective that will share what I am feeling at that moment. I may lie on the ground or stand behind a tree or even climb on a rock to get the right perspective. As I move about in that space the scene will change. It’s the same scene but my view is different. As a result, each photo that I capture conveys a different emotion or thought.  

It happens everywhere. When I am sailing there are many different emotions that I experience depending on my perspective. When I am on the bow and the wind is blowing across my skin I am in my happy place. I begin to relax and focus on the present. The water, the motion of the boat and the voices of the sails as they propel us forward move me. Below deck however is a different perspective, my body reacts in a different way. I am on the same vessel participating in the same activity but things have changed.

Boat and sails.JPG
Laura sailing.JPG

I can change anything by changing my perspective. My mood, my energy, my emotions can all be affected in the same way as when I am capturing a photo or sailing across the ocean. The venue or the context is not important. It’s the perspective that changes things.

Contributor credit: Dale Machen




Laura Andert